Think you know your leaders of the Second International?


In August 1904, leaders of the socialist parties from around the world gathered in Amsterdam for the Sixth Congress of the Socialist International. Here, the twenty-five main leaders assemble for a photograph in the beautifully-decorated ‘Der Burcht’, headquarters of the Diamond Workers’ Union. Among them are representatives from four Continents, and several future leaders of nations.

After much staring (with a magnifying glass) at this photograph, courtesy of the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam, I’ve managed to identify almost all of them (bar about five). For those of you who consider yourself Second International boffins  (or lucky guesses)… How many of them can you name?

(Answer at the bottom in ‘Leave a Comment’… I’ve done the easiest one for you!)

1. Henri Van Kol (1852- 1925)  Dutch Socialist leader. Van Kol was a wealthy man and a founder of the Dutch Socialist Workers’ Party (SDAP). He was an…

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