Keywords for the Age of Austerity 2.5: Learning Outcomes

Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism

A short, digestable, and easily implementable keywords definition for your weekend, because some of these words practically write themselves.

For more on learning outcomes, let?s take a listen to the Dean of Students at Brigham Young University, who has put together a helpful site to explain a concept ubiquitous in higher education.


Says the BYU page:

The most commonly used and perhaps parsimonious [that means ?stingy or frugal,? take note?ed] ?definition of ?learning outcomes? proposes that they are ?what a student is expected to be able to DO as a result of a learning activity.?

«Parsimonious» is a key term here: because even though syllabus statements on «learning outcomes» are formally directed to students, their real audience is administrators. It is academic administrators who require them, after all, because such ostensibly empirical measurements help assess the «value,» and hence the budget, of academic programs.

But to…

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