Due to the Other


(The following is the transcript of a short talk I gave to my GCAS class on Deconstruction. I want to thank Giovanni Tusa, the course instructor, and the other students for giving me this opportunity, for listening in, and for opening such a good conversation afterwards (which unfortunately is not reproduced here). I imagine this text as part of a series titled, «duties of deconstruction.» One final note: this text is ‘punctuated’ with direct quotes from Derrida’s book The Post Card to get what is at stake to speak to you.)


To render what is due to the other. How could I?

As I tried to prepare these comments, I was overwhelmed by an inadequacy to which I felt rather doomed. To measure up to Derrida’s work, especially on the other, to measure up to the other, could only mean letting myself be put in question, and it felt necessary to acknowledge…

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