Precarious Work, ‘Compression’ and Class Struggle ‘Leaps’

Kim Moody, author of In Solidarity, continues the discussion begun by Ian A and continued by Kevin Crane about the nature of work and workplace struggle today

Picture Credit: iStock/MHJ Picture Credit: iStock/MHJ

In his response to Ian A, Kevin Crane raises a number of serious issues concerning the work of socialists in trade unions and the workplace. The heart of his arguments, I believe, centres on the problems presented by the rise in precarious work and the decline in older forms of ‘regular’ employment. Indeed, more and more jobs have become precarious in one way or another in the last thirty years. It is also true that precarious work has hit the young disproportionately. Yet, precarious work is far from the norm even today in any sector of the UK economy or workforce. Before looking at the extent of precarious work in the last twenty years or so, I want to put…

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