Laboratories of struggle: Occupations, alternatives and strategy

Recent weeks have seen a new wave of campus struggles, with occupations in London and Amsterdam, and strikes in North America. Tabitha Spence analyses the significance of these struggles and where they might go next.

WP_20150318_008 Open meeting at the LSE Occupation. Photo: Dan Swain

Time and again history has witnessed student activists rising to the challenge of playing instrumental roles in building and strengthening social movements. From winning Civil Rights to ending the Vietnam War, spaces of higher education often act as sites for pushing public discourse beyond acceptance of dominant narratives that validate deeply unjust processes.

In these movements and many others, students have found creative ways to foster alliances across sectors, supporting those on the front lines of struggles and those bearing the brunt of harmful policies. As part of the battle against Thatcher’s neoliberal policies, for instance, students took an active position in supporting the miners during the great…

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