«An Introduction to the History of Crisis Theories»: Anwar Shaikh


This paper is about the history of crisis theories. Broadly speaking, the term «crisis» as used here refers to a generalized set of failures in the economic and political relations of capitalist reproduction. In particular, the crises we seek to examine are those towards which the system is internally driven, by its own principles of operation. As we shall see, it is in the nature of capitalist production to be constantly exposed to a variety of internally and externally generated disturbances and dislocations. But only at certain times do these «shocks» set off general crises. When the system is healthy, it rapidly revives from all sorts of setbacks; when it is unhealthy, practically anything can trigger its collapse. What we seek to examine is different explanations of how and whyy the system periodically becomes unhealthy.

I Reproduction and Crisis

Consider how peculiar capitalist society is. It is a complex…

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