Multiple Extrajudicial Executions of Children Who Had Participated in Student Protests

Human Rights Observation/Honduras

English translation by Beth Geglia. El original en español ya está aquí:

Múltiple ejecución arbitraria de niños que habían participado en protestas estudiantiles

Honduras, March 26, 2015

The Committee for Freedom of Expression (C-Libre). Four students were assassinated on March 24th in Honduras during a wave of student protests that began 12 days ago. This multiple-assassination “is an attempt to eliminate the student struggle,” different human rights organizations denounced in press releases.

The National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Honduras expressed concern and consternation to the national and international community, “for the events that have occurred in recent hours in the country against the student movement in which four middle school students had their lives taken: Soad Nicolle Ham Bustillo (13), Elvin Antonio López (19), and Darwin Josué Martínez (21). They were student activists and participants in recent protests that have demanded that the Honduran government improve conditions…

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