The Importance of Creating Unpredictable Concepts


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One of the seminal features in all accredited Universities is the ability to demonstrate the so-called, «measurable learning outcomes».  Of course learning various subjects, history, anthropology and so on, will produce outcomes (i.e., differences in perception, shifts in consciousness etc.), but by forcing a meta-standardization onto the subject-material before it is even engaged from the vantage point of an alienating bureaucratization effectively undermines the dynamics of the learning process itself.  And this is so basically because the synthetic action of learning inherently doesn’t function in predictable ways.

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Learning or advancements in knowledge, innovations, genius insights and so forth, happen through the rupturing of standard «status quo» versions of acceptable knowledge.  So effectively, what the Ideological State Apparatus (ISA-in Althussar’s terms) is there to do is to undermine any advancement of knowledge the existence of which is not entailed by these «meta-standardization» set-up and enforced by administrators, accreditation agencies and so on.  To…

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