It is India’s fearless women revolutionaries who are being silenced, not the BBC

Media Diversified

by Sunny Singh

The BBC Documentary film India’s Daughter purports to shed light on India’s rape culture and sets itself up as an ‘event’ that will launch ‘global action’ against sexual violence. How this is to happen, other than through media hype that accompanies celebrity studded spectacles, has not yet been explained by its film-maker, Leslie Udwin.

In a knee-jerk reaction, the government of India has banned the film. Also emerging are patterns of TV channels competing for ratings, possible corruption, and conflicting political agendas. One of the most urgent concerns, dismissed in most Western media, is that the appeals for the rapists are still sub-judice and the documentary has possibly jeopardised the judicial process. While outraged mobs may well be baying for blood, a vitiated appeals process serves no citizen or country well.

But there are other disturbing aspects, such as exploitative editing that – in one particularly disturbing…

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