One of the foremost public intellectuals, Tariq Ali will speak at The Global Center for Advanced StudiesWorld Conference, «Democracy Rising: From Insurrections to ‘Event’?»  This conference is free and open to the public.


Writer & Activist, Tariq Ali Writer & Activist, Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali (/ˈtɑːrɪkˈɑːli/; Punjabi, Urdu: طارق علی‎; born 21 October 1943) is an English Pakistani writer, journalist, and filmmaker. He is a member of the editorial committee of the New Left Review and Sin Permiso, and contributes to The Guardian, CounterPunch, and the London Review of Books.

He is the author of several books, including Pakistan: Military Rule or People’s Power (1970), Can Pakistan Survive? The Death of a State (1991), Pirates Of The Caribbean: Axis Of Hope (2006), Conversations with Edward Said (2005), Bush in Babylon

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«College and Career Ready» is a Marketing Slogan

Seattle Education

college ready

     Elizabeth Hanson has been a teacher, primarily teaching English Language Learners, and preparing students to take the General Education Development test (GED). She has taught teens to adults from a variety of countries and circumstances. She participated in the Washington State Bad Ass Teachers (BATS) Toxic Testing Rally in Olympia on February 16th.  
     To follow is the speech she gave (updated with links).
     -Carolyn Leith

High Stakes Testing – China and the U.S.

This is my 30th year of teaching.  I teach ESL at a community college, ESL to mostly Asian kids who come to study in the U.S. because either they weren’t able to do well on their high stakes tests, which determine whether or not they can enter university, or their parents decided they didn’t want their kids to suffer the massive amount of studying required to pass those tests. The Mainland…

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Greece: ‘third world’ aid and debt

Michael Roberts Blog

One of the cruel ironies of the last minute deal between the Eurogroup and the Greek government for a four month extension to the existing ‘aid’ programme monitored by the Troika is that in any sane meaning it is not aid at all.

In return for staying in the Troika programme for another four months to end-June and keeping to the still to be agreed conditions on fiscal targets, government spending and privatisations, the Eurogroup, the ECB and the IMF will disburse the outstanding tranches of loans under the existing programme. The FT might call this “aid” but it is nothing of the kind. It is not even bailout money for Greek banks. The €11bn funding for that has been returned by the Greeks to the Troika who are keeping it for ‘security’.

Between the beginning of March and the end of June, the financing institution of the Eurogroup, the…

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Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing

Creative by Nature

«The assessment itself is completely artificial. It’s not ranking teachers in accordance with their ability to help develop children who will reach their potential, explore their creative interests. Those things you’re not testing.. it’s a rank that’s mostly meaningless. And the very ranking itself is harmful. It’s turning us into individuals who devote our lives to achieving a rank. Not into doing things that are valuable and important.»


The following is a partial transcript for an interview with Noam Chomsky uploaded to youtube by The Progressive Magazine.

«You take what is happening in education. Right now, in recent years, there’s a strong tendency to require assessment of children and teachers so that you have to teach to tests. And the test determines what happens to the child and what happens to the teacher.

That’s guaranteed to destroy any meaningful educational process. It means the teacher cannot be creative, imaginative, pay attention…

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