The Elephant in the Room in the House of Being


Power has this uncanny mystical effect that blinds us to its inherent contradictions and weaknesses.  Think of the slave economy that was necessary for the United States to birth itself as a country.  Or even modern liberal and economic theory (i.e., capitalism and representative democracy) crafted by upper-class theorist that required the workers to submit to selling their labor power under false-consciousness.  And just like that the institutions in capitalism were turned into a form of prostitution–selling your body for the benefit of the few.  The seminal mechanisms required to pull this deception off include representative democracy (in which policies can be controlled by the wealthy class), the creation of a fictitious person called the «corporation» (that has no social responsibility), perpetual war (i.e. the creation of an external enemy), perpetual economic crisis, debt enslavement, precarious employment opportunities,   Of course there is also the need to create an internal threat…

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