Amygdaleza Concentration Camp: «Well, sorry to bother you, but we thought we’d revolt here…»


Reporter: You live in a container. Is it nice here or would you like to return to your country?

Immigrant: No here it’s a mess, but I don’t want to go back.

Minister of Police and Suppression Dendias (smiling ironically): It takes time. In a month, a month and a half, he will have changed his mind.

September 2012, Amygdaleza concentration camp


And indeed the incarcerated immigrants soon changed their minds. But they didn’t ask to return back because they couldn’t endure the unlivable conditions of detainment and the inhumane means the greek state so eagerly uses. They turned their despair into rage and revolt.

On the night of August the 10th 2013, at the isolated and enclosed concentration camp for immigrants without papers in Amygdaleza, the biggest of its kind in Greece and after a year of psychological and physical torments, the damned set fire on walls…

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