There is Another World: A Fragment


«There is Another World»

A Fragment by Creston Davis

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.12.49 PMHistory repeats itself, time and time again.  History and time are bound up together like identical twins.  Time’s repetition unfolds and events emerge from out of this repeating pattern.  We are molded as human subjects to accept this repetition, to not question it.  How dare us question Chronos the god of time.  We accept our condition as one devoid of the quest, of the questioning of the mechanical reproduction of the world.  We are told by the bureaucratic technicians to keep our head down, to not look up!  «Do not bother yourself with such questions, they will tire you out, and besides, there is no answer to them. Just keep paying your bills and be part of the unquestionable machine.»

But for some of us such pieces of advice do not match up with our desires, our passions that have become for…

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