Revolutionary philosophy and philosophers: a plea and a program

Philosophers for Change


by Mark Manolopoulos

Could we, today, imagine Nietzsche submitting a journal paper or a manuscript? Could we imagine his work being accepted? Of course not. Why not? What does the impossibility of imagining such a scenario say about the contemporary state of philosophy and philosophers? Many things, almost all of them critical. Philosophy, in both its analytic and Continental guises, has predominantly failed, betraying itself and the world. For example, only very recently have philosophers begun to speak of love, of wisdom – indeed, of the love of wisdom, which is the very meaning of the word philosophy.

But let’s forget about “love” or “wisdom” for the time being – let’s even forget about the forgetting of Being: in an age of multiplying and accelerating systemic crises and catastrophes (ecological, financial, religious, etc.), such failures pale in comparison to the fact that philosophers have largely forgotten the revolutionary essence

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