Reproducing Oligarchy: Or, Identifying the New Neoliberal Twist


By Maria Nikolakaki, PhD

Prof. Maria Nikolakaki Prof. Maria Nikolakaki

This week’s feature story in The Economist «America’s New Aristocracy: Education and Class» brings to the fore several problematic issues that need addressing.

It is an interesting and important article for two main reasons: first it baldly acknowledges that the education system reproduces the aristocracy, and the second its diagnoses.  Let’s address these.

1. America’s Aristocratic Education

Now that might seem to be a “progressive” statement, but the reality is that this has always been the case.  In short, The Economist is using common knowledge (of what we already know) to open the ears of the dissidents, the ones who doubt the injustices of the system.

When mass education was introduced, it never meant that the working class would ever get more than the education needed to do its work at the lower rungs of society. Mass higher education was introduced during…

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