GCAS: On Creating Diverse Empowering Zones of Knowledge


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By Creston Davis

There are many challenges we face in our contemporary moment.  These challenges are framed on different levels of existence. There is the global level, the national level, the local, and even the subjective (or personal) level.  From the global to the subjective levels many challenges obscure and undermine our collective ability to live well, to live in harmony with our environments, and even ourselves.

An example that connect us all together, universally, would include the environment.  The health of our world to sustain life is crucial to the very meaning of survival and flourishing.  But the ability to be part of decision making when it comes to planning out the health of our world’s environment is impossible for almost all of us, including experts and scientists.  This raises the question: Why is it that we are unable to voice our opinions on something so fundamental as the…

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