The Trouble with Common Core Standards

Seattle Education

Common Core Standards

“…charter chains would prefer national standards… This would allow them to use prepackaged curricula across their charter outlets no matter the location…for dummied down standardized curriculum keeps costs down and the dispensation is formulaic and repetitive. This is the Walmart model of education.”

Danny Weil, 2009

To follow what’s going on in the realm of Common Core Standards, I suggest taking a look at Truth in American Education. For folks in Washington State, check out Stop Common Core in Washington State.

Rethinking Schools published an article titled The Trouble with the Common Core which is a good overview of the subject. To follow is an excerpt:

common core2

 The Trouble with the Common Core 

It isn’t easy to find common ground on the Common Core. Already hailed as the “next big thing” in education reform, the Common Core State Standards are being rushed into classrooms in…

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