«College and Career Ready», also known as Common Core Standards: Impossible assumptions and real sacrifices

Seattle Education

common core3

Planning for college fills me with dread.

The financial reality is just too sobering. Even with the amount of money my husband and I are able to put aside for college, there’s absolutely no way our children can graduate from college without the accumulation of significant debt. A year of college at a state school runs around 25,000 dollars a year. Who has that kind of money?

My family isn’t the only one facing this dilemma. Most people I know are treading water financially, doing their best to make it paycheck to paycheck. Many lost their jobs from the 2008 crash. The economy may have recovered, but many of us haven’t. If there’s a little extra money at the end of two weeks, it goes for things like shoes, a coat or paying off the dentist. Saving for college isn’t on the radar.

So, what was the Washington State…

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