Education & Bullet Holes


The Polytechnic Institute, Athens The Polytechnic Institute, Athens

We often think of education as a necessary, but mostly benign institute that passes knowledge on from one generation to the next.  But when a society has accepted its government and social norms as functioning in ways that no longer represent the will of the people, the most powerful institution in that society, one that can foster a revolution, are educational institutions.

I recently visited one of the world’s most prodigious institutes, The Polytechnic Institute, or the National Technical Institute in Athens, Greece where the best students studying theory, architecture, and design come from all over the world to study.  This institute is also known for the student’s bravery, when on November 14, 1973 they took a stance, not against their professors, but against the dictatorship–the Junta.  This became known as the Polytechnic Uprising. The dictatorship was headed by Georgios Papadopoulos, who ordered his soldiers to…

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