Search for All Things Hidden


By Creston Davis

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.22.00 PMThere’s an old joke about two people who find treasure.

A worker was digging the foundations for a new road. After several hours of hard toil, he hits his shovel on something hard in the ground. His master finally joins him and they work quickly to dig the object out and discover that it’s a treasure chest. On opening it they find jewels, coins, gold etc. beyond their wildest dreams. Both are wild with happiness and dance around madly.

When they have calmed down, the master takes the worker’s hand and says with sincerity «Comrade, we will share this just like comrades should» and the worker replies, «Oh no, 50 – 50»!

A Map of Hegel's Dialectic: Master/Slave A Map of Hegel’s Dialectic: Master/Slave

Does this joke not reveal the truth of the theorist/professors relationship to the contemporary university? The worker (as the professor) discovers gold while his master (a university administrator) sits lazily beside him until the former discovers amazing truths…

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