Democracy: After More than 2500 Years We Still Don’t Get It


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 12.06.15 PMThe problem with democracy today is simple:  We still don’t get it.  In 508/7 BCE the Athenian, Cleisthenes known as «The Father of Democracy» along with Solon and (594 BCE) Ephialtes (462 BCE) introduced a concept that gave the power to all the citizens of Athens to rule through themselves.  Democracy was a universal idea of governing the city by the people and for the people. Of course the «citizen» was male and many people (women and slaves) weren’t considered proper citizens, yet it was an advancement in governance that united feuding clans under a universal idea that materialized itself in practice.  And this is the key, the essential idea of democracy (and its concomitant practice) is grounded in a virtuous principle of direct rule, that it is better to be ruled by all voices (however diverse they may be) than to be ruled by a few aristocratic voices who…

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