Girls’ schooling and gender issues in education: an Introduction

Learning Resistance

Let me begin with three incidents that took place recently in an urban coeducational government middle school in central India:

1) Sheetal* and Rukhsaar pored over a Venn diagram in Mathematics class one morning and found the answers to all the questions next to it. When their teacher Rajendra Dikshit invited someone to come to the board both girls smiled shyly at each other and did not raise their hands. Eventually not only did their answers turn out to be right but they turned out to be the only ones who could even attempt the question.

2) A girl was withdrawn from the school a few weeks later because she was being bothered and threatened by some local young men and her family does not know how else to deal with the problem.

3) An IT session was conducted under the e-shakti programme of the Madhya Pradesh government especially for…

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