Empire, Biopower, Spectacle: Notes on Tiqqun

Deterritorial Investigations


Today’s territory is the product of many centuries of police operations. People have been pushed out of their fields, then their streets, then their neighborhoods, and finally and from the hallways of their buildings, in the demented hope of containing all life between the four sweating walls of privacy. The territorial question isn’t the same for us as it is for the state. For us it’s not about possessing the territory. Rather, it’s a matter of increasing the density of communes, of circulation, and of solidarities that the territory becomes unreadable, opaque to all authority. We don’t want to occupy the territory, we want to be the territory.i

The quote above comes from the pamphlet The Coming Insurrection, put out in 2007 by the provocatively titled Invisible Committee. Its language anticipates American’s Occupy movements by years, and then surpasses them in the blink of sentence – “we want…

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