Financial Murder Conspiracy: 48 Dead Bank Executives This Year (LIST)


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In the Game of Life, being the banker means you’re in charge of the money; a job you can do honestly or not. In real life, these days at least, being a banker means you have a good chance of dying in a horrible way. In the real world banking is by far the most corrupt profession to be in, especially if you’re established.

For months we’ve been reporting on banker deaths in North America, Europe, and Asia. Top executives — most from JPMorgan — have been losing their lives at an extraordinary rate — most ruled suicides when they are undoubtedly murders.

One unfortunate man shot himself in the chest and head with a nail gun over 7 times; another shot himself in the back of the head — twice. Plenty of these «suicides» have been jumpers, many off the buildings they worked in. Car accidents, bike accidents, murder/suicides, drive-by-shootings — from…

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