Students of the World Unite: «Bread, Education, Freedom»


At the Polytech At the Polytech

I remember writing a paper for Fred Jameson as a grad student at Duke University in the late 90s.  My paper was about student revolts and uprisings.  Fred’s response to my paper was simple:  «Your paper relies too much on epistemological methodology and not enough on the Marxist concept of ‘praxis'».  In a later meeting he told me to read Lukacs’ History of Class Consciousness.   This started my journey into understanding the revolutionary potential not only of Marxist analysis but of the very truth in the act of revolt.

Today there are forces afoot that are structurally undermining the very ability to voice dissent, to propose a different way, to ask for basic things in life: «Bread, Education, Freedom.»

More than ever students hold the ability to stand-up, to revolt against the reigning order of financial dictatorship that has gutted education turning it into a…

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