Bill Gates: An infographic

Seattle Education

Gates has given over $4 million to the “pro-free enterprise” AEI since 2007, much of it to “influence the national education debate.” Click on the link to see the full conversation with Gates.

Gates said this referring to the US’s educational rankings in a 2010 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show promoting the documentary, Waiting for Superman – a film that supports Gates free-market ideology. Gates also invested millions in this film (and appears in it). Click on the link to see the full text. The Shocking State of Our Schools,

Gates gave NPR 1.8 million for education coverage in 2013, and 3 million total since 2006.

At NBC’s 2011 Education Nation Summit, anchor Brian Williams: “Gates Foundation, one of the sponsors of this event, and the largest single funder of education anywhere in the world. It’s their facts that we’re going to be referring to often…

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