Jacques Rancière Interview: “Democracy is not, to begin with, a form of State”


via: http://hiredknaves.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/jacques-ranciere-interview-democracy-is-not-t/

This is a translation of an interview with Jacques Rancière published in last Sunday’s Público. I have translated it from Spanish, which in turn was translated by the newspaper from French. 

I doubt the double translation makes a great deal of difference but thought I’d mention it nonetheless. I can’t remember if statal is a word in English but I’m to tired to check so let’s assume it is.


 I didn’t think Hatred of Democracy had made that much of an impression on me when I read it, in fact I’d sort of forgotten about it, but translating this interview I began to realise, given all the things that I naturally agreed with here, that in fact it made a pretty big impression.



Are we living a “political moment” in Europe? How would you describe this moment?


“In Europe, all the governments are applying the same…

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