Sunday reads.

Fred Klonsky


Gender discrimination as a teacher sparked Susan B. Anthony’s fight for equality.

Bob Fioretti is in. Karen Lewis is next.Rahm has got to go.

Two sentences from Diane Ravitch.

We need not fear Rahm’s deep pockets. There’s plenty of anti-Rahm money out there.

The rich have gotten richer and, well,l you know the rest.

Why does the San Diego school district need an military-grade armored truck?Detentions not working?

More Black students face corporal punishment in US schoolsthan white students.

Peter Cunningham is only the latest in the corporate reform media campaign.

Bill Gates has an idea for which history we should know and teach. And when Bill Gates gets an idea about education, it can be trouble.

This week, the education journalist Dana Goldstein published The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession (Doubleday). Goldstein’s book is full of stories of women who…

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