Slavery. A new school value.

Fred Klonsky


The Economist declares that efficiency is a new school value.

«Higher teacher pay and smaller classes are not the best education policies.»

Ha! Says who?

Maybe Rahm.

And GEMS Educational Solutions, a consulting firm that looked at PISA scores, an international comparison of 15-year-olds in core subjects.

GEMS then correlates those scores to class size and teacher salaries and comes up with an efficiency score.

The United States ranks 19th using their efficiency score.

With an average teacher salary of only $14,000 and good test scores, Hungary ranks 4th.

«Highly efficient,» The Economist announces.

By using this new school value the wealthy New Trier (Sorry guys. I know you must be tired of being the example of a wealthy public school. On the other hand, you are the example of a wealthy public school.) is not highly efficient.

Sure, their test scores are high.

But so are teacher salaries.

And they have small classes.

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