Education Post: A Sorry Attempt to Repackage Privatization as «Conversation»


There is a test-score-driven, privatizing war on public schools and on the teaching profession.

It is no secret that those chiefly financing the war stand above the chaos they create via their «philanthropy.» In short, they use their billions in order to promote their own ideal of American education privatization.

And it seems that they are able to enlist countless toadies to do their bidding.

In my book, A Chronicle of Echoes, I document the creators and supporters of this war and the twisted exchange of string-laden, «donated» money for abundant profiteering opportunities.

In chapter 23 of my book, I examine the «big three» foundations fueling the traditional public school funeral pyre: Broad, Gates, and Walton.

Allow me to offer a brief summary of their key «contributions.»

The Big Three in Busting Up That «Traditional Public School» Notion

Broad actively works to supplant school administrators who rise from the…

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