World Revolution 2: the Return to a Global Revolutionary Strategy Based on the Experience of the 20th Century


This work, written by the Russian neo-Marxist Alexander Tarasov, originally from (, explains some problems with the Soviet strategy in relation to world revolution (albeit coming from a negative appraisal of the USSR), clarifying the distinction between First and Third World characterized by exploiting nations and exploiter nations, the dependence of the First World on the Third, the material basis for conservatism in the working class, and establishes the Third World as the revolutionary focus for world revolution. Locating its origins in the Tricontinental (and more specifically Che Guevara’s famous speech), it establishes an international outlook of global people’s war. We repost it mostly in agreement, with a few caveats:

  • we find the discourse on Stalinism to be rather dry and predictable, and reject it, locating the degeneration of the USSR into social-imperialism not in a “Thermidorian coup”, but rather in existing class antagonisms which were not addressed by…

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