Finding Satisfaction, On Being Mood Disordered

Michael Hejazi

When the problem of dissatisfaction is ongoing and otherwise too disruptive for an individual’s life they may experience themselves as disordered; they might be diagnosed with having a disease of a special kind. What is this mood disorder?

History is made up of perfectly unhappy people. Ever since the first of the homo-sapiens life has been quite perfectly terrible – from time to time it was bearable. Things are better now but that’s not good enough, not for the person in the moment. Right from day one your one stop shop stay in living seems to be ultimately headed for the checkout line, and only you might avoid it – any kind of bad outcome. That’s what you keep saying to yourself, that it could be better. Maybe it could.

Evaluating all the possible nooks and crannies of potential genetic, hereditary, racial, ethnic, cultural, personal, childhood, familial, marital, phrenological, theological, astronomical, or…

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