Police brutality incident exposes the role of cops under capitalism

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Police brutality incident exposes the role of cops under capitalism
by John Leslie, Philadelphia, PA

On September 30, during a street party following the annual Puerto Rican* Day Parade; a Philadelphia cop brutally attacked, then arrested,  Aida Guzman.  Video uploaded to youtube later that day, clearly shows the unprovoked assault by Lieutenant Jonathan Josey.  On the video, someone behind Guzman throwing liquid on the cops. Josey walked up to Guzman from behind and punched her in the face with his fist.  Josey has a history of abuse complaints from members of the community.

The video quickly went viral on the internet and sparked outrage in the community. However, these sorts of incidents happen every day in oppressed communities in the US.

Philly cops have a history of racist violence. Perhaps the most notorious was the reign of terror of Police Commissioner, and later Mayor, Frank Rizzo. Rizzo’s cops repeatedly assaulted members of…

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