Tim Meegan, The Shock Doctrine, our schools, and our children

Reclaim Reform

Tim Meegan is a teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School who explained The Shock Doctrine to school board members and parents alike.As a father and teacher he is living the reality of watching a school board intentionally starve his public schools in order to justify privatization for the profits of multinational corporations and worldwide investors.

Tim Meegan

Tim’s article in the Chicago Sun-Times is brief, thorough and eloquent.

«It is abundantly clear that CPS’ budget crisis, underutilization crisis and now the pension crisis are manufactured to force a situation so acutely painful that the solutions of venture philanthropists will seem the only logical options. They are quietly proceeding with mass privatization against the wishes of Chicagoans and CPS parents.»

«Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his pro-privatization friends want to blow up the public education system in this city by implementing CRPE’s vision. All they lacked was the crisis to justify radical change…

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