Shock Doctrine USA: The Urban School Privatization Script-Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Newark, Milwaukee, Detroit, New York, California, etc.

Reclaim Reform

Your child is being used and abused daily. Public education is in danger. Why?


Public school

How is the Common Core/ High Stakes Testing/ Privatization Hoax related to the Shock Doctrine that has been used worldwide to create austerity (sequestration) measures while shifting billions of tax dollars into the pockets of a few billionaires & their multinational corporations, hedge fund & equity fund managers and assorted tax free foundations?

Long question – short explanation.

Lance Fialkoff has the shortest, most focused description possible.

1) Manufacture crisis: budget, edu-performance and/or consequences of NCLB/grant compliance failure (measured against often unattainable standards)—>
2) Close neighborhood public schools—>
3) Replace with charter schools linked to private CMOs (Charter Management Organizations), corporate eduservice providers (Pearson) and for-profit online learning. Staff with TFA-temps and indebted recent college graduates—>
4) Real estate developers feast on the land once occupied by neighborhood schools—>

CC business

From the introduction, Naomi Klein, The…

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