In Defense of the Human, For the Destruction of Capitalism

Destroy Uber


We’ve been checking the news a lot, and we learned that a new phenomenon has emerged thanks to ride-sharing companies like Uber. Drunken bar crawlers are now entering random people’s cars, believing them to be their Uber pick-up. Several of our friends began to see this phenomenon in the nightlife hot spots of central Seattle, mainly Capitol Hill and Belltown. Delirious bar patrons in groups of four would crowd around a car stopped at the curb and begin yanking on its door handles. In some cases, single individuals would engage in arguments with their alleged drivers, unable to comprehend their realities. Without the button on their smartphone screen, these poor souls would do what others like them have always done: pass out on the sidewalk, stagger home, or maybe learn a lesson and stop putting themselves in such awful positions.

Given that this was the case, we thought…

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Now I Understand Why Bill Gates Didn’t Want The Value-Added Data Made Public

GFBrandenburg's Blog

It all makes sense now.

At first I was a bit surprised that Bill Gates and Michelle Rhee were opposed to publicizing the value-added data from New York City and other cities.

Could they be experiencing twinges of a bad conscience?

No way.

That’s not it. Nor do these educational Deformers think that value-added mysticism is nonsense. They think it’s wonderful and that teachers’ ability to retain their jobs and earn bonuses or warnings should largely depend on it.

The problem, for them, is that they don’t want the public to see for themselves that it’s a complete and utter crock. Nor to see the little man behind the curtain.

I present evidence of the fallacy of depending on «value-added» measurements in yet another graph — this time using what NYCPS says is the actual value-added scores of all of the many thousands of elementary school teachers for whom they have…

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Finding Satisfaction, On Being Mood Disordered

Michael Hejazi

When the problem of dissatisfaction is ongoing and otherwise too disruptive for an individual’s life they may experience themselves as disordered; they might be diagnosed with having a disease of a special kind. What is this mood disorder?

History is made up of perfectly unhappy people. Ever since the first of the homo-sapiens life has been quite perfectly terrible – from time to time it was bearable. Things are better now but that’s not good enough, not for the person in the moment. Right from day one your one stop shop stay in living seems to be ultimately headed for the checkout line, and only you might avoid it – any kind of bad outcome. That’s what you keep saying to yourself, that it could be better. Maybe it could.

Evaluating all the possible nooks and crannies of potential genetic, hereditary, racial, ethnic, cultural, personal, childhood, familial, marital, phrenological, theological, astronomical, or…

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Howard Zinn: «education cannot be neutral on the critical issues of our time»

radical eyes for equity

24 August 1922—Howard Zinn was born. His life and career spanned the twentieth century and into the first decade of the twenty-first. It is his memoir, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times, for me, that speaks to the enduring power of Zinn’s metaphor, particularly for teachers.

Historically and currently, teacher remain under the demand that their teaching—and even their lives—remain neutral, not political. University professors—such as Zinn—also face disciplinary and public expectations of objectivity, dispassion—their work as public intellectuals either shunned or unrecognized.

In that context, K-12 education and university education suffer the same ultimate failure found in journalism, a flawed pursuit of objectivity, the faux-neutral pose of representing both sides.

So on the day of Zinn’s birth, it continues to be important not only to read and listen to Zinn, but also to act on Zinn, for it…

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World Revolution 2: the Return to a Global Revolutionary Strategy Based on the Experience of the 20th Century


This work, written by the Russian neo-Marxist Alexander Tarasov, originally from (, explains some problems with the Soviet strategy in relation to world revolution (albeit coming from a negative appraisal of the USSR), clarifying the distinction between First and Third World characterized by exploiting nations and exploiter nations, the dependence of the First World on the Third, the material basis for conservatism in the working class, and establishes the Third World as the revolutionary focus for world revolution. Locating its origins in the Tricontinental (and more specifically Che Guevara’s famous speech), it establishes an international outlook of global people’s war. We repost it mostly in agreement, with a few caveats:

  • we find the discourse on Stalinism to be rather dry and predictable, and reject it, locating the degeneration of the USSR into social-imperialism not in a “Thermidorian coup”, but rather in existing class antagonisms which were not addressed by…

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Who will care for the public education of our children?

Reclaim Reform

When immense wealth finances political parties, elections become a mockery, a mere puppet show, of the democratic process. When the voting process allows two, and only two, sides which are both financed by immense wealth, the game is merely that – a game.

Rauner Quinn1

Illinois has two teams of servants who serve the demands of the super-wealthy members of The Billionaire Boys Club whose legal name is the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago.


Billionaire extremist Bruce Rauner (R) and his Sanguinetti version of Sara Palin promise to destroy public services, especially everything and everyone connected to public education. Present Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D), who has already cut many public services including education, chose Paul Vallas as his running mate. Vallas has actually spent his adult lifetime destroying public services, especially everything and everyone connected to public education.

In Florida present Gov. Rick Scott (R) cut education funding…

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The US recovery, the Long Depression and Pax Americana

Michael Roberts Blog

Revised figures for growth in the US economy in the second quarter of this year were released yesterday. Most analysts were pleased as the rise in real GDP in Q2 2-14, was revised up from a 4.0% annualised rate to 4.2%. The drop in real GDP for the first quarter of this year was confirmed at -2.1%. When compared to the prior quarter, the new measurement is up about 6.3% pts from the -2.1% contraction rate for the 1st quarter of 2014. This is the largest positive quarter to quarter improvement in GDP growth in 14 years.

The reason for the slight rise in the revised figure was that business investment (i.e. investment by companies in new equipment, offices and technology as opposed to residential investment by household buying houses) was revised up from 5.5% to a 8.4% annual rate of growth. At the same time, the first figures for…

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The Warning Signs That a College Is in Financial Trouble


In an article published in Money [], Matt Krupnick, who writes for the Hechinger Report, highlights “Five Signs Your College Is in Serious Financial Trouble.” Krupnick has clearly written the article in response to the well-publicized issues facing Corinthian College and the City College of San Francisco, though neither of those institutions’ problems are really typical of the problems that cause most colleges to close. Corinthian Colleges became a massive online for-profit whose business practices were extreme even for institutions in that sector–in particular, in its emphasis on recruitment without regard to academic outcomes and its abuse of federally guaranteed student aid. On the other hand, the City College of San Francisco has been in an extended conflict with an accrediting agency with skewed priorities–placing more emphasis on maintaining administrative apparatus than on meeting instructional needs during a period of economic crisis.

In any case, Krupnick’s five…

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Capitalism: stagnation or hypochondria?

Michael Roberts Blog

Are the major capitalist economies now stuck in a state of long-term stagnation? The idea that capitalism has been in a ‘secular stagnation’ since the end of the Great Recession was first raised by Larry Summers, the former Treasury secretary under President Clinton, ex Goldman Sachs economist, then Harvard University scholar and general all-round super star mainstream economics expert. And Summers’ idea has been enthusiastically adopted by Paul Krugman, doyen of Keynesian economics.

The term ‘secular stagnation’ was first coined by the Keynesian economist, Alvin Hansen, in 1938, when he predicted that after the war, modern economies would stagnate because of a crisis of underinvestment and deficient aggregate demand. Investment opportunities had significantly diminished in the face of the closing of the frontier for new waves of immigration and declining population growth. So, according to Hansen, the US was faced with a lower natural rate of growth to which the…

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Για την αραβομουσουλμανική φιλοσοφία του Μεσαίωνα, του Φώτη Τερζάκη

filistina's blog

Σε μια εποχή που ο αραβικός κόσμος βάλλεται περισσότερο από ποτέ από την δυτική προπαγάνδα – μέσω της οποίας οι ισχυροί αυτού του πλανήτη   προσπαθούν να επιβάλλουν την κυριαρχία τους  διασπείροντας παντού  την Ισλαμοφοβία – σε μια εποχή που παρά τις άπειρες πηγές πληροφόρησης υπάρχουν άνθρωποι που ταυτίζουν τους ακραίους  ISIS με ολόκληρο τον μουσουλμανικό κόσμο και σε μια εποχή που κάποιοι αυτοαποκαλούμενοι αριστεροί ή αναρχικοί γυρίζουν αδιάφορα το κεφάλι στα εγκλήματα που διαπράττει το ισραηλινό κράτος στη Γάζα, απλά και μόνο επειδή  «υπάρχει  η Χαμάς»…

Σ’ αυτή την εποχή ας κάνουμε μια προσπάθεια να ενημερωθούμε και να μάθουμε κάτι παραπάνω  για την αραβομουσουλμανική σκέψη και να διαλύσουμε έτσι τον ρατσισμό και τον φόβο. Γιατί η γνώση είναι το βασικό όπλο μας.



του Φώτη Τερζάκη

tr1Η ΑΡΑΒΟΜΟΥΣΟΥΛΜΑΝΙΚΗ ΣΚΕΨΗ δεν έχει πάρει ακόμα τη θέση που δικαιούται στην ιστορία της δυτικής φιλοσοφίας. Συνεχίζουμε να εκλαμβάνουμε τον Ακινάτη ως…

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Schmitt and Foucault on the Question of Sovereignty under Military Occupation (2014)

Foucault News

Annmaria Shimabuku, Schmitt and Foucault on the Question of Sovereignty under Military Occupation, Política común, Volume 5, 2014

1. A Violation or Production of Sovereignty?

This essay examines the geopolitical underpinnings of Carl Schmitt’s well-known definition of the sovereign as “he who decides the exception” (Political Theology 5) mainly through The Nomos of the Earth (1950). It is in this later work, written after Schmitt had borne witness to the liberation movements of Europe’s colonial territories alongside Germany’s defeat in both world wars, that he contextualized the historical formation of sovereignty in terms of the colonization of the New World and occupatio bellica within Europe from the 16th century onward. In reading The Nomos of the Earth, one cannot help but sense nostalgia for days past—a romanticization of the jus publicum Europaeum that grounds his critique of a new global (dis)order characterized…

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‘All Power to the Soviets’: Biography of a slogan, by Lars T. Lih

John Riddell

“All power to the Soviets!” is surely one of the most famous slogans in revolutionary history. It is right up there with “Egalité, liberté, fraternité” as a symbol of an entire revolutionary epoch. I would like to examine this slogan in its original context of Russia in 1917, in order to see why it arose, where it came from, and to what extent it was carried out in practice.[1]

'All Power to the Soviets' ‘All Power to the Soviets’

Our slogan consists of three words: вся власть советам, vsya vlast’ sovetam. “Vsya” = “all,” “vlast’” = “power”, and “sovetam” = “to the soviets”. The Russian word “sovet” simply means “advice,” and, from that, “council.” By now, of course, we are very used to the Russian word, because it evokes the specific set of meanings arising out of the revolutionary experience of 1917.

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New Democracy businessman bankrolled neonazi Golden Dawn branch, defector claims

A Gael in Greece

The report's cover The report’s cover

A provincial branch of the neonazi Golden Dawn party was bankrolled by a wealthy businessman who was a member of New Democracy and it enjoyed immunity from the police, a Golden Dawn defector has told a leading US human rights organisation.

The unidentified man told Human Rights First that the businessman gave financial backing to Golden Dawn because he wanted it to do well in the 2012 elections so that New Democracy could end its uneasy coalition with socialist Pasok and team up with Golden Dawn instead.

“Golden Dawn is the militia arm of New Democracy,” the businessman told the defector, who will be a witness in the forthcoming criminal case against leading Golden Dawn figures, which is due to start in November. He said the businessman also spent more than $1,500 (€1,100) on military outfits for its cadres. The businessman also paid for their offices…

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