Taking notes 37: Meritocracy, repression and Piketty’s apocalyptic asymptote

Philosophers for Change


This unabashed aspiration to study good and evil, about which every citizen is an expert, may make some readers smile…Everyone is political in his or her own way. The world is not divided between a political elite on one side and, on the other, an army of commentators and spectators whose only responsibility is to drop a ballot in a ballot box once every four or five years. It is illusory…to think that the scholar and the citizen live in separate moral universes, the former concerned with means and the latter with the ends. Although comprehensible, this view ultimately strikes me as dangerous. — Thomas Piketty, Capital in the twenty-first century

A hit, a very palpable hit.– Shakespeare, Hamlet

by Sanjay Perera

Much has been said about Thomas Piketty’s important and much talked about book. But not enough has been said about his nuanced wit and jibes at a system…

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