Organized Irresponsibility


Henry Giroux, in his new book Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education, defines «organized irresponsibility» as «a practice that underlies the economic Darwinism and civic corruption at the heart of American politics.» The culture this has engendered is going off the rails, as the sauntering gangs of «open carry» proponents, among so many other things, demonstrate. Unfortunately, it is not just those who unleashed the myth in the magic of «market forces» (a smokescreen for organized irresponsibility) who will reap the consequences. It is all of us.

We are losing control of our society. When Cliven Bundy can parlay greed into armed and popular anti-government sentiment; when David Coleman, now head of the College Board, and a few cronies can foist a copyrighted and unchangeable set of Common Core State Standards on our schools that benefits no one but the corporations «servicing» the change; when a ‘tea party…

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