What Is Likely to Happen if Some States Drop the Common Core

Diane Ravitch's blog

The problems with the Common Core are multiple. Many states are now experiencing a populist revolt against it, sometimes led by extremist groupss, sometimes (as in New York) led by responsible parents and veteran educators.

Support is strong and includes the Obama administration, major corporations, Republicans like Jeb Bush, and educators who like the new standards. Opposition is strong and spans the ideological spectrum, from parents who object to their complexity or to a federal takeover of standards to the Chicago Teachers Union and others who say the standards were developed in stealth, excluded classroom teachers and teachers knowledgeable about early childhood education and disabilities. Others are alarmed that the standards were pushed onto the states without discussion, without means of revising them, but as a condition of Race to the Top and waivers.

The battle over the Common Core has raged in several states. So e states has dropped…

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