Why Europe’s austerity experiment is doomed to fail (7 graphs)

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Steve Keen

I’ve spent the past two weeks in Europe, with speaking engagements in Italy, Greece and Austria. This was my first visit to Greece, and my first chance to get an admittedly superficial tourist’s view of what a country with Great Depression levels of unemployment looks like.

It didn’t look like anything in particular until the drive from Athens, Greece’s capital and largest city, to Thessaloniki, its second largest. Then it struck me: the roads were near empty — as the toll booth shown in Figure 1 illustrates. My host Nikos reckons he has done a million kilometers over the years on this 500km drive, and he confirmed that roads which were now virtually empty were once full of cars, and especially trucks — that mobile sign of a thriving economy.

Figure 1: A toll booth on Greece’s main highway at about 5pm: no vehicles in either direction

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Education Reform as the New Misogyny: A Reader

radical eyes for equity

While watching The Wolverine (2013) starring Hugh Jackman, I noticed that along with Wolverine’s adamantium claws, Jackman’s nipples were featured prominently, leading me to search for the film’s promotional poster. And my suspicions were confirmed:

The Wolverine (2013)

Apparently Eva Green’s thinly-veiled nipples are not only more dangerous than the gun she is holding in the new Sin City sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, poster, but also more offensive than Jackman’s nipples (despite the violence and extended sequences of a topless Jackman, the film is rated PG-13 «for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language»).

This contradiction highlights Hollywood’s perverse double-standard that includes tabooing female nudity while also disproportionately objectifying women in gratuitous sex and nudity in films, and then speaks to the remaining systemic and institutional misogyny throughout the U.S.

Along with Hollywood and the complicit media, the central elements of education…

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Τα σχέδια της Χρυσής Αυγής για το Πολίτευμα, όπως ακούστηκαν μέσα στο Πολιτικό της Γραφείο: «Στόχος μας η κατάργηση της Δημοκρατίας και η κατίσχυση της «Πολιτείας» (=του Ράιχ)» [Σειρά άρθρων: Χρυσή αυγή: Οσα θέλει να κρατήσει κρυφά #02]

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Δημοσιεύθηκε αρχικά στο XYZ Contagion:
Συνεχίζουμε με το 2ο άρθρο στη σειρά «Η Χρυσή Αυγή: Νέα στοιχεία – Σειρά άρθρων: Χρυσή αυγή: Οσα θέλει να κρατήσει κρυφά #xx«, όπου xx ο αύξων αριθμός), μετά από το πρώτο κείμενό μας σ’ αυτή τη σειρά: # Ξένοι νεοναζί καλεσμένοι του Γκέμπελς της Χρυσής Αυγής Γιώργου Μάστορα (Μισιάκα): «Η συναγωγή θα…

Κέντρα αριστείας, η πειραματική νεύρωση της εκπαίδευσης και τα στρατόπεδα σχολικής εργασίας


Κάποιοι μαθητές και μαθήτριές μου θα δώσουν εξετάσεις (αν δεν έδωσαν ήδη, δεν ξέρω) για να περάσουν στα «κέντρα αριστείας» πρότυπα σχολεία-γυμνάσια. Γεμάτα άγχος με ενημέρωσαν ότι στις εξετάσεις αυτές εξετάζονται και στη Φυσική και ότι πέρσι είχε πέσει «φως» και «ηλεκτρομαγνητισμός».

Ακολουθώντας καθ’ όλη τη χρονιά ευλαβικά τα ΔΕΠΠΣ-ΑΠΣ και τη θεωρητική παιδαγωγική στήριξη που προσφέρει το βιβλίο του δασκάλου σε συνεννόηση με τα παιδιά αποφασίσαμε από την αρχή της χρονιάς με ποια κεφάλαια θα ασχοληθούμε, μιας και είναι ανέφικτη η διδασκαλία όλης της ύλης, όπως ακριβώς ομολογούν και οι συγγραφείς του βιβλίου. Αυτό βέβαια στην περίπτωση που ακολουθήσεις το παιδαγωγικά αποδεκτό διδακτικό μοντέλο και προτιμήσεις την εμβάθυνση, την άσκηση στην περιέργεια, στην παρατήρηση, στην κριτική σκέψη, στη συνεργατικότητα, στην ανακάλυψη της γνώσης παρά την απομνημόνευση, την επίδειξη πειραμάτων ή και καθόλου πειραμάτων (συμβαίνει κι αυτό) οπότε και βγαίνεις «καθαρός» και ίσως και να καλύψεις όλη την ύλη.  Έτσι…

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Horton: Not a Conspiracy Theory: The Gates Foundation Bought Control of U.S. Education

Diane Ravitch's blog

A year ago, Paul Horton wrote a letter to Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, asking him to conduct hearings on the Common Core and Race to the Top, and specifically to inquire about the role of the Gates Foundation and the Broad Foundation in shaping federal education policy. Nothing happened. Now that the world knows that the Gates Foundation, working in alliance with the U.S. Department of Education, underwrote the creation and promotion of the Common Core standards; now that we know that Bill Gates bought and paid for «a swift revolution» that bypassed any democratic participation by the public; now that we know that this covert alliance created «national standards» that were never tried out anywhere; now that we know that the Gates Foundation’s willingness to invest $2 billion in Common Core enabled that foundation to assume control of the future of American education: it is time to reconsider…

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δεν θα πεθάνει μόνος, τσάκισέ τον


Νομίζω πήγαινα λύκειο. Θυμάμαι εκείνο το βράδυ. Κάποιος στην τηλεόραση σε τηλεοπτικό σταθμό νομίζω που δεν υπάρχει πια, έβγαζε πύρινους λόγους περί ηθικής, σεμνότητας και οικογένειας. Τα πίστευε όλα αυτά που έλεγε. Τα μάτια του πετούσαν φωτιές. Κι ύστερα θυμάμαι έναν τραγουδιστή να κάνει έρωτα με μια κοπέλα σε ένα δωμάτιο ξενοδοχείου. Και η χώρα να παρακολουθεί με βδελυγμία πόσο χαμηλά μπορεί να πέσει κάποιος. Πόσο χαμηλά μπορεί να πέσει κάποιος; Μέχρι το έσχατο σημείο να θέλει να κάνει έρωτα με κάποιον άλλον ας πούμε; Θυμάμαι το βλέμμα του δημοσιογράφου. Θυμάμαι ότι η εκπομπή του χτυπούσε υψηλή τηλεθέαση. Θυμάμαι ότι η καλλιτεχνική πορεία του τραγουδιστή καταβαραθρώθηκε από τότε. Θυμάμαι ύστερα ότι ο ίδιος μαζί με έναν άλλον μπήκανε σε μια μπανιέρα και έπιναν σαμπάνια. Και έγιναν εκδότες. Κι ύστερα τα χαλάσανε. Έσπασε η συνεργασία. Κρίμα γιατί μου φαινόταν τόσο αγαστή. Ταιριάζανε οι δυο τους. Οι πορείες τους ακολούθησαν δρόμους παράλληλους…

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Allende, the Third World, and Neoliberal Imperialism

Imperial & Global Forum

Chris Dietrich
Assistant Professor, Fordham University
Follow on Twitter @C_R_W_Dietrich

allende“Allende was assassinated for nationalizing the . . . wealth of Chilean subsoil,” Pablo Neruda wrote on September 14, 1973. Neruda was lamenting the overthrow and death of his friend, Chilean President Salvador Allende, a week before he himself succumbed to cancer.  “From the salt-peter deserts, the underwater coal mines, and the terrible heights where copper is extracted through inhuman work by the hands of my people, a liberating movement of great magnitude arose,” he continued.  “This movement led a man named Salvador Allende to the presidency of Chile, to undertake reforms and measures of justice that could not be postponed, to rescue our national wealth from foreign clutches.”  Unfortunately, Allende’s flirtation with economic nationalization ran up against the country’s multinational business interests, particularly those that had support from the U.S. government. His socialist reforms were also ill timed; the…

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Οι 10 στρατηγικές χειραγώγησης των μαζών.



Το κείμενο «οι 10 στρατηγικές χειραγώγησης των μαζών» κυκλοφορεί μαζικά στο Διαδίκτυο σε διάφορες γλώσσες και αποδίδεται (σημ. μας : λανθασμένα) στον αμερικανό φιλόσοφο Noam Chomsky. Στις αρχές του 2010, μεταφράζεται και στα ελληνικά, δημοσιεύεται σε πολλά μπλόγκς και οι αναρτήσεις και τα likes δίνουν και παίρνουν. Το συγκεκριμένο κείμενο σε χρόνο ρεκόρ ανακηρύσσεται σ’ ένα από τα πιο δημοφιλή κείμενα της παγκόσμιας μπλογκόσφαιρας.

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Why Metrics Cannot Measure Research Quality: A Response to the HEFCE Consultation

The Disorder Of Things

Pacioli Euclid Measurement

The Higher Education Funding Council for England are reviewing the idea of using metrics (or citation counts) in research assessment. We think using metrics to measure research quality is a terrible idea, and we’ll be sending the response to them below explaining why. The deadline for receiving responses is 12pm on Monday 30th June (to metrics@hefce.ac.uk). If you want to add an endorsement to this paper to be added to what we send to HEFCE, please write your name, role and institutional affiliation below in the comments, or email either ms140[at]soas.ac.uk or p.c.kirby[at]sussex.ac.uk before Saturday 28th June. If you want to write your own response, please feel free to borrow as you like from the ideas below, or append the PDF version of our paper available here.

Response to the Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Research Assessment
June 2014

Authored by:
Dr Meera Sabaratnam, Lecturer…

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Universal (for profit) Pre-K, DFER and the suits

Seattle Education

Money (2)

First, a bit of background about my family and why I am concerned about preschool and what «Universal pre-K» really means.

As I have mentioned before, my family is African-American. My mother grew up in South Carolina in the early 1900’s with four siblings, a mother who was a music teacher and a father who was a train porter.

In my family it was understood that the way to succeed was to have as much education as possible.

My mother received her Master’s Degree in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Development from the University of Southern California during the Depression. Something that to this day puts me in awe.

My dad, Brice Taylor, was the Director of Head Start for Southern California. He came from a very difficult background in Seattle but went on to become the First All-American in football at the University of Southern California. Sometime after graduation…

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Panning A Charter Takeover of ALL Public Schools

Cloaking Inequity

The attempted charter takeover of the nation’s 14th-largest district is underway. Wealthy backers of the hostile takeover attempt have gathered enough signatures to force the anti-democratic maneuver onto the November ballot. I first discussed the attempted takeover of Dallas in the post Beware: A Hostile Takeover of ALL Dallas Public Schools is Underway. I also visited Dallas on the invitation of several community groups to discuss the Home Rule report and takeover. The nation must pay attention to this because this approach, if successful, may become the «reformers» next attack tactic of choice.

Notably, it appears that supporters of the takeover plan do not appear to be following the decades old Texas law that empowers them to takeover the Dallas district. The Dallas Morning News reported that

Dallas teachers group Alliance-AFT filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Dallas ISD, claiming that the district’s process to appoint a home-rule charter commission violates state law.

The lawsuit filed in…

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Lewis Lapham delivers in-depth examination of what corporate driven education reform is

Reclaim Reform

Lewis Lapham, editor emeritus and national correspondent for Harper’s Magazine, contributes his unique in-depth perspective to what our schools have become, the actual status quo, from over a decade of corporate owned and operated education reform. As we consider our children as children with their own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses, Lapham describes the corporate approach to education. He calls corporate education reform «Playing with Fire.»

Lapham’s lengthy and insightful article is a must read for every parent, teacher and intelligent human being who is struggling with the media advertised viewpoint of so-called education reform versus what our children, for the first time in history, suffer through daily. No generation of Americans has ever been subjected to the high stakes testing, the scapegoating and demonization of good teachers, the monetizing of children, the distortion of educational goals, and the perverse private profit driven fanaticism that evaluates and fires…

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