Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek Interview: A Commentary

Southern Nights

We consider the development of a technics of transition(s) to be a singularly important task for left actors today, in particular because the technical environment now enables various points of ingress which were previously absent.

– Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek, The Speed of Future Thought

In my previous post I linked to C. Derick Varn’s blog post on The Speed of Future Thought where he reposted an interview he did on Northstar with Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek about their Accelerationsist Manifesto. Rereading the manifesto as well as the interview I’ve begun rethinking their project. To be honest I admire what they are trying to enact in their current project, yet I have issues that need to be resolved that deal mainly in the ideological framework within which they want to encapsulate it. First, as one reads the interview one comes upon what I perceive as a central…

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