It’s Time to Expose Global Banking Elites at the International Monetary Conference

Andrew Gavin Marshall

 It’s Time to Expose Global Banking Elites at the International Monetary Conference

By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

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Ever heard of the International Monetary Conference? No, I’m not referring to the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank but rather to another, more secretive annual gathering – this one hosted by the American Bankers Association and bringing together chief executives from over 100 of the world’s largest banks.

Hailing primarily from Western Europe and North America, the banking chiefs meet for several days along with invited guests who hold prominent «public official» positions – major finance ministers and central bank governors among them. The meetings of the International Monetary Conference are notoriously private, with very little if any news coverage or public accountability regarding what goes on there.

However, significant global financial decisions get made at the IMC meetings, which have been ongoing since 1954. Now in…

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