America and Nazi Germany’s Revived Zombies

A Mind Infinite

America and Nazi Germany’s Revived Zombies

By Aaron Peterson | 4/27/2014


Sparks of a United States foreign policy out of control. The train is off the tracks and it’s heading in no actual direction. The chances of collision are only growing higher. In Ukraine, the promoted attitude by the United States government through it’s foreign policy, was one of usurpation of a democratically elected government in Ukraine. Perpetuated by Western backed opposition groups through a campaign of violence, including those predominately farther right of the political compass.

An unholy alliance of the forces of NATO with technocrats, oligarchs and violent extremist Neo-Nazi paramilitaries and political parties, namely Svoboda (Formerly the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine) and it’s Neo-Nazi paramilitary Right Sector.  Both of which proclaim to carry out the work and legacy of Stepan Bandera, a former collaborator with Nazi Germany. Bandera who himself was responsible for helping Nazi Germany…

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