The Weekly Update: No money for Common Core in Seattle, Broad left Seattle in the cover of darkness and has reappeared in Oregon, ACT for Kindergartners, Creationism in schools and the US as an Oligarchy. How much more fun can one have?

Seattle Education

trickle down (2)

Much is going on in the wide world of education. Every time I’m ready to wrap up this post, something new comes across the wires.

First up:

Thanks to our state legislators who understand the negative ramifications of tying test scores to teacher evaluations, the bill that would have brought new meaning to the term «high stakes testing» was shot down even after Arne Duncan had a special meeting with our Governor explaining to him the importance of the Federal government determining local education policy.

It will behoove all of us to remember the members of our state Congress who voted this bill down. They will need our support in upcoming elections. Big money was behind this bill and they are not likely to go away after this defeat.

From Diane Ravitch:

BREAKING NEWS: Duncan Withdraws NCLB Waiver from Washington State

The Education Department is pulling Washington state’s No Child…

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