The 500-Pound Gorilla

Teachers Matter


12 years ago this article made frightening  predictions. Sadly, they are a reality today in American education.

October 2002

The 500-Pound Gorilla

By Alfie Kohn

The best reason to give a child a good school. . .is so that child will have a happy childhood, and not so that it will help IBM in competing with Sony. . . There is something ethically embarrassing about resting a national agenda on the basis of sheer greed.

— Jonathan Kozol

I give a lot of speeches these days about the accountability fad that has been turning our schools into glorified test-prep centers.  The question-and-answer sessions that follow these lectures can veer off into unexpected directions, but it is increasingly likely that someone will inquire about the darker forces behind this heavy-handed version of school reform. «Aren’t giant corporations raking in profits from standardized testing?» a questioner will demand. «Doesn’t…

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