I hate to be the voice of bad news, but the U.S. must face a CRISIS IN EDUCATION!


  1. When students in the U.S. are compared to students in other countries, they simply do not measure up.
  2. U.S. teachers are central to student achievement, but “a discouraging number of them are incompetents.”
  3. The top students in the U.S. are being mis-served, their precious potential squandered.
  4. Science and math are vital for the U.S., and since we are woefully behind, new approaches are necessary.
  5. And “[m]ost parents just plain neglect this job, through lack of time, lack of interest or lack of confidence.”


But I must also add, all of this is from 1958—a series in LIFE magazine in fact.


How on earth did we all survive?



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