Francisco Ferrer


Origin and Ideals

of the

Modern School

Translated by Joseph McCabe

Watts & Co.,
17 Johnson’s Court, Fleet Street, E.C.,


Chap. page
Introduction vii
I. The Birth of My Ideals 1
II. Mlle. Meunier 7
III. I Accept the Responsibility 12
IV. The Early Programme 18
V. The Co-education of the Sexes 24
VI. Co-education of the Social Classes 32
VII. School Hygiene 38
VIII. The Teachers 40
IX. The Reform of the School 43
X. No Reward or Punishment 55
XI. The General Public and the Library 60
XII. Sunday Lectures 71
XIII. The Results 75
XIV. A Defensive Chapter 80
XV. The Ingenuousness of the Child 88
XVI. The «Bulletin» 96
XVII. The Closing of the Modern School 102


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