Stress is reaching a crisis point in schools

29 Dec 2013

They say the most stressful thing you can do in life is move house. Or is it get married? Or have children? Ask any teacher and they would disagree. Surely the most stressful thing you could do in 2014 is teach?

As our job role increasingly expands and our pay descends into a system that promotes over-working and stress, it’s hard not to struggle.

In one day we not only teach, we manage behaviour, plan lessons, assess learning, counsel students, carry out first aid, reply to a long list of emails, write reports, tidy classrooms, create resources, mark books and create displays – the list is endless.

We can’t let down our students by having bad educators in our midst but at what point did this become at expense of the health and wellbeing of teachers? And has anybody stopped to think how this workload and pressure will attract “the best graduates”?

Something needs to be done urgently because teachers are dropping like flies. I am noticing more and more colleagues are off with stress and depression or related conditions. My own partner has been pushed so far he is now controlling depression with medication. You can ask anyone he works with or who knows him what sort of teacher and person he is – strong, kind, caring and supportive. Ask him the same question, and you’ll get completely different answers. He firmly believes he is a bad teacher, cannot control the students and his results aren’t good enough.

via Secret teacher: stress is reaching a crisis point in schools | Teacher Network |



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