Study: High Standardized Test Scores Don’t Translate to Better Cognition….Can’t Wait for those Bush Foundation Talking Points

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From US News & World Report writer Allie Bidwell:


Even when students improve their scores on standardized tests, they don’t always improve their cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention and speed, according to a new study released Thursday.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Brown University tracked nearly 1,400 eighth grade students in the Boston public school system, including traditional, charter and exam schools (in which admission is based on student grades and scores on an entrance exam). They found overall that even though some schools successfully raised their students’ scores on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System state test, that improvement was not associated with an increase in what’s known as the students’ “fluid intelligence.”


Rut-ro, Bushies. Here’s more:


Those skills are described as fluid because they require using logical thinking and problem solving in novel situations, rather than recalling previously learned facts and skills.

“It doesn’t seem like you get these skills for free in the way that you might hope, just by doing a lot of studying and being a good student,” said the study’s senior author, John Gabrieli, in a statement.

What improving test scores does do, Gabrieli said, is raise students’ “crystallized intelligence” – the ability to access information from long-term memory to use acquired knowledge and skills


I can hear the Bush Foundation talking points now: this study only confirms the need for Common Core, you see. And our reforms are working…. or something. The Bushies are losing credibility as their Florida education reform cocktail has only created chaos and uncertainty in schools while making millions of dollars for their cronies.





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