the Bullies Resources TFA Truth Squad Donate Featured Writers A growing compendium of blogs and articles about TFA: By Jonathan Pelto December 10, 2013

If you’d like to read more about the growing opposition to Teach For America, check out some of the following articles, posts, news-clips and studies:


Teach for America solicits donations, public funds, finder fees while amassing $1 billion fortune, tax records show   (Tom Aswell, Louisiana Voice)

TFA: seeking $5 million in NGO funding so that it can knock qualified, certified Louisiana education graduates out of jobs

TFA: seeking $5 million in NGO funding so that it can knock qualified, certified Louisiana education graduates out of jobs


Is TFA Undermining the Chicago Public Schools? (Jennifer Berkshire, EduSyhster)

The Fight Ahead

All About the Benjamins

The Missionary Position

Dear TFA: You Don’t Need to Keep Telling Us How Excellent You Are (Because We Already Know)

Stop the Minnsanity!

Excellence Happens in Vegas

“Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Excellent!

Give the Gift of Excellence


I Quit Teach for America  (Olivia Blanchard, The Atlantic Monthly)


Advice to Folks Considering TFA (Guy Brandenburg)


Teach for America’s Deep Bench (James Cersonsky, The American Prospect)


Can This Claim Be True? TFAers in the Classroom for 8 Years? (Anthony Cody, Living in Dialogue)

TFA Faces a California Showdown Over Qualifications to Teach English Learners

Native Americans Challenge Teach For America in New Mexico

TFA Says 8-Year Claim is an Estimate, «Not Really Appropriate for Publicizing»

Can This Claim Be True? TFAers in the Classroom for 8 Years?

Though Questions for TFA: Heather Harding Responds

Deepening the Debate over TFA: Responses to Heather Harding

Hyperaccountability, Burnout and Blame; A TFA Corps Member Speaks Out

Phil Kovacs Responds to the Latest Research from Teach For America

Phil Kovacs: Research Suggests TFA Does Not Belong in Huntsville

Phil Kovacs: TFA Research Fails the Test




Teach for America Apostates: a Primer of Alumni Resistance (Owen David, Truthout)


What’s the Difference Between Teach For America and a Scab Temp Agency? (Bruce Dixon, Black Agenda Report)


TFA Teachers Perform Well in a New Study — But Teacher Experience Still Matters  (Dana Goldstein)


Kathleen Shanahan says Teach for America is better than anything Florida has to offer. (Chris Guerrieri, Education Matters)

The federal government gives Teach for America a gift, thumbs its nose at professional teachers.

Rick Scott places Teach for America alumni on the state board of education.

Teach for America hits a new low

Teachers speak out against Teach for America


A Horror Comedy: Teach For America Rises to Power (Julian Vasquez Heilig, Cloaking Inequity)

The Republicans didn’t get what they wanted from Shutdown, but TFA did

New Mathematica TFA Study is Irrational Exuberance

Teach For America: A False Promise  (Heilig, Great Lakes Center)

Cloaking Inequity: From the Mailbag: Teach For America Defector Speaks

Whats Good for Goose, is Good for Gander: Feds propose changes to Civil Rights data

Fold or Rethink: A Teach For America Civil War?


Who Will Live In Newark’s Teachers Village? TFAers  (Jersey Jazzman)

TFA: The New Gentrifiers

Put Up The Proof, TFA

The Tall Tales of Wendy Kopp

TFA Is a POLITICAL Organization


Why I Said No to Teach for America, and Why You Should Too (Sandra Korn, Huffington Post)


Seasoned teachers worth so much more in NC  (Helen Ladd)


TFA comes to RVA  (Rachel Levy, All Things Education,)

Shortages or not, TFA is not the way for VA

TFA: Yup, still an Industry

Teach For America: From Service Group to Industry


Rethink TFA (Emma Lind, Harvard Crimson)


TFA contracts ignore the evidence – and Malloy’s own rhetoric (Sarah Darer Littman, CT Newsjunkie)


TFA techniques are not best practices (Travis Manning, Idaho Education News)


Why I’m calling on all university faculty to refuse to write letters of recommendation to TFA (Catherine Michna, Hear the Hurricane Coming)


Cleveland Schools Enter Contract With Teach For America, Inc With Costly “Finder’s Fee” (Greg Mild, Plumberbund)

How Ohio’s Teaching Standards Are Lowered By Teach For America


Looking Past the Spin: Teach for America (Barbara Miner)


To The Nation’s Elites, Teachers are «Losers! (Mark Naison, With A Brooklyn Accent)

How TFA is Destructive


An Open Letter to New Teach for America Recruits (Katie Osgood)

Teach for America Has Gone Too Far

A Snarky Letter for A Heartless Leader: My Response to TFA Chicago’s Josh Anderson


Six Questions for Teach for America (Jessie Ramey, Yinzercation)

Too Few Answers


How I teach 2.6 months more of math in a year than the rest of you slackers (Gary Rubinstein)

The Underachievement School District

TFA co-CEO’s vs. The Boogeyman

“those teachers are failures”

My experience at a #TFAListen event

Good Kopp, Bad Kopp

The Three Biggest TFA Lies

Teacher quality at KIPP

TFA sponsors reform propaganda videos

Is a half year of learning equivalent to one question on a multiple choice test?

Bad O-PR-ah for TFA

The Silence Of The (Sacrificial) Lambs

Wendy Fails ‘The Giggle Test’


Former-TFAers-Gone-LDOE-Leaders: Incompetence at a Premium (Mercedes Schneider)


NY Times to Adopt TFA Model: Will Fire all Reporters With More than 2 Years Experience (Norm Scott, Ed Notes on-line)


RPT-FEATURE-Has Teach for America betrayed its mission?  (Stephanie Simons)


The debt deal’s gift to Teach For America (Valerie Strauss, Answer Sheet)

Teach For America critics gathering to organize resistance

Professor: Why Teach For America can’t recruit in my classroom

It’s time for Teach For America to fold — former TFAer

Does 5 weeks of training make a teacher ‘highly qualified?’ — Updated


TFA looks to capitalize on School District of Philadelphia crisis (Teacherbiz)


Teach for America cashing in on ed reform? (Dora Taylor, Seattle Education, Parents Across America)

Teach for America

Organizing Resistance to Teach for America


TFA: “It’s just one unverifiable anecdote after the next”   (Paul Thomas)


Top Ten Reasons Not to Contract With Teach For America (John Wilson, Education Week)


And tracking TFA on the international front;

Teach for America looks to infect Canada (Joe Bower, for the love of learning)



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